Meet Andy Mulholland
He 2x'd his transactions, cut back his hours to less than 40 per week to dedicate more time to his family!
Listen in as Andy talks about how REBS helped him implement proven systems & adopt the right economic model to allow him to grow his team and increase sales in order to exit production. 

Andy's Results:

  • Went from closing 80 deals per year to 250+ deals 💰
  • Tripled his team size by going from 4 team members to 12 ✅
  • Works 1 day a week leaving him more time to spend with family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

About Andy: 

Before REBS, Andy was working hard as an agent closing around 80 deals a year. He was a top producing agent, but his business was becoming his life. Financially his life was great, but he wasn't happy with the way things were going. 

His Work with REBS: 

Andy learned lead management, and how to stay accountable on the money spent to get each lead. He started to look at his business like an investment, and then know exactly where he needed to invest in his leads. Andy also figured out how to set up a structure around leadership. His team now act as leaders allowing him to take a step back.

The Results: 

Andy went from doing around 80 deals to 250+ transactions. His team size went from 4-5 people to a team of 12. He now allows his agents to produce at a higher level. Most importantly, he was also able to see his fourth child take his first steps, that's something he was never able to do with his first 3 kids
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