Meet Kerby Skurat
He drastically reduced his 80-hour work weeks, systematically scaled his team, and increased his time & profit
Hear Kerby's story about how the systems and tools he learned from REBS allowed him to prioritize his personal life, focus on dollar-productive tasks, and have more time and money than ever before!

Kerby's Results:

  • Scaled his team to 25+ agents 🧑‍💼
  • No longer works nights & weekends 🚫
  • Achieved the time & money freedom that allowed him to start a second, million-dollar biz 💰

About Kerby: 

Kerby and his wife, Cristina, are a husband and wife real estate team in Minneapolis, MN. They were both producing at high levels when they first met, but knew it wasn’t conducive to work like that with a baby on the way. Kerby needed more quality time to get his marriage in a better place. They wanted more time and money freedom so they didn't have to work nights and weekends.

His Work with REBS: 

Kerby wanted to get into the "Own" level aligned with our Business Growth Navigator. He started focusing on working on his business, not working in his business. He had a lot of money coming in, but needed to create those systems to allow him to run the business and not the other way around. Kerby learned to train his staff with the same systems he learned and placed in the business model. 

The Results: 

Kerby has been able to put all of the systems he learned to grow their business in place. Cristina is currently executing and running the entire team and they are building up leaders from a sales perspective, operations perspective, and a marketing leadership perspective. With the time freedom, Kerby has been able to start a second business that will bring $8 million this year. He is empowering people on their team to sell at a higher levels. And they no longer work nights and weekends.
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