Use Our Proven Growth Platform to Grow & Scale Your Real Estate Business & Wealth Without Losing Your Life!

Scale Your Business

Gain access to all proven tools, systems, strategies and training that allow you to simply and predictably accelerate your business growth.

Time & Money Freedom

Make the shift from the "transaction treadmill" to a more lucrative lifestyle business where you will work less hours and make more money.

Greater Purpose & Impact

Collaborate with top agents and team leaders to build a business worth owning so you can live a life full of purpose and meaning with no regrets.

Hi, My Name is Melissa!

I'm dedicating my time, energy and resources to help agents learn about this truly disruptive platform.

I have been in the real estate business for 35 years and active in both my area's Board of Realtors and State Board. I am a huge proponent of education, so I jumped in the business and received every designation you could obtain. I also love learning, so I  traveled to conferences across the nation, love CRS, and then StarPowers with Howard Britten.

I would love to partner with you so you won't have to do the heavy lifting. I've done the work in the past 35 years of selling. There IS a better way and I would love to show you how.

Let's Grow Together!

Melissa Thompson
The greater Memphis area Top Agent

Let's Connect!

Let Me Show You How to Grow Your Business & Have More Time to Enjoy The Things That Matter in Life

The Fastest Way to Grow & Scale Your Real Estate Business & Create Enduring Wealth is to Partner With Me at Real Estate B-School Powered by eXp Realty

...and you can do it without ever paying for coaching, training or technology ever again!!!

Disruptive Cloud Based Platform

  • Training & Technology: advanced tech tools & 50+ hours of weekly training to help you grow 
  • Healthcare: solves a dire need in our industry where the average savings of $10k per year
  • Wealth Building: Earn stock 5 different ways and build residual income through Revenue Share

Proven Business Growth Model

  • Predictable Growth: unrestricted access to every tool, system and strategy you will ever need
  • Time & Money Freedom: build your business in a way that allows you to live a life by design
  • Less Stress & ​More Impact: our roadmap will help  you step up in the areas of life that truly matter

Community & Collaboration

  • Selfless Collaboration: a group of business builders who will push you and lift you up when needed
  • Daily Training & Coaching: learn the required skills, tactics & strategies from the best in the business
  • Have More Fun: join us 4 times per year for special events and masterminds ... let's do life together!

So What Exactly Do You Get When You Partner With Me?

In Addition to ALL the Benefits eXp Realty Offers, You Also Get The Exclusive Benefits Below by Partnering With Me!

    Lead generation levers, lead conversion protocols, buyer/seller presentations, critical tech tools, client care systems, team building resources and more. Normally $1,797 per month ... FREE for you!

    Join us every week for proven strategies for social media, video marketing, buyer & seller lead generation & conversion, luxury real estate, leverage, productivity, team building & more.

    Learn the latest tactics and strategies from the top Rev Share earners in eXp. Find out what's working and what isn't working so that you can super charge your Agent Attraction business.
    When you partner with REBS at eXp, we become your business partners. Our goal is clear ... to help you make more money, enjoy more freedom and make a greater impact in life.

    Connect and collaborate with like minded real estate agents and team leaders in our Private Game Changers Nation Facebook Group. This is where all the action and sharing happens! 

    Get instant access to a proven step by step system for creating $15,000+ monthly residual income stream through eXp's Revenue Share program. Plus access to all scripts, templates and trackers.
Ready to Take Your Business & Life to the Next Level?

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Want to Learn More About This Disruptive Platform?

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The real estate industry has set us up for failure! The real wealth and freedom is being created by the top brokerage execs and owners. The traditional model is set up to take advantage of overworked and underpaid real estate agents. Not any more!
My Mission is to Help Agents Make More Money, Experience More Freedom & Have More Impact in Their Lives.

What Exactly is Game Changers Nation?

and Why is it the Fastest Growing Group in eXp Realty?
Game Changers Nation's mission is to help real estate agents achieve money freedom, time freedom and location freedom. Period.

Through Our Coaching Collective, we provide relevant training & coaching to help accelerate your growth in business & life:

  • Expanding Your Sales Using Social Media & Video
  • ​New Agent Roadmap Training
  • ​Luxury Real Estate Sales
  • ​Business Building, Productivity & Leverage
  • ​Listing Lead Generation & Conversion
  • ​Buyer Lead Generation & Conversion
  • ​kvCORE CRM Implementation & Training
  • ​Building Blocks of Agent Attraction
  • ​Revenue Share Scripts & Role Playing
  • ​Top Agent Attractor Interviews with AJ Mida

No Matter Where You Are in Your Journey, We Have Training to Help You Get to Your Next Level!

It's Been Said That The Most Expensive Thing One Can Own is a Closed Mind. 

Do You Really Want to Miss Out on the Life Changing Benefits of This Disruptive Platform Because You Dismissed It & Didn't Take the Time to Really Study It?

See what other agents have achieved by implementing Real Estate B-School's proven tools, systems and strategies!

Dan Jones

Dan went from working 60-70 hrs/wk down to just 35 hours AND 4x'd his income and was able to take 2 months off once his daughter was born!

Dave Friedman

Dave has 10x'd his business while going from 70-80+ hrs per week to taking 15 weeks of vacation per year! It's all about having systems in place! 

Stacie Peterson

Stacie exited personal production and tripled her team's production to 300+ sides! She went on to sell her business with a 7-figure valuation!

Andy Mulholland

Andy more than doubled his annual production and exited personal production, getting down to 1 day per week in his  business!

Kerby Skurat

Kerby went from 60-70+ hours per week to working 1 day per week. His team's production experienced a 5X increase to over 700 sides per year!

Tyler Goff

Tyler built a systems driven business that allowed him to triple his sales, make more money, reduce stress and spend more time at home. 
You Owe it to Yourself & Your Family to Carefully Study This Opportunity. It Is Much More Than a Cloud Based Brokerage.
Your Future Has Been Written
The Question Is ... Are You Willing to Take the Next Step?
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