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Someone who cares about you sent you to this site for a reason. Please honor them by taking the time to study The eXp Model with an open heart and mind.

Step 1: Watch This Intro Video From Real Estate B-School's Founder

The real estate industry has set you up for failure! The real wealth and freedom is being created by the top brokerage execs and owners. The traditional model is set up to take advantage of overworked and underpaid real estate agents. Not any more!

My Mission is to Help Agents Make More Money, Experience More Freedom & Have More Impact in Their Lives. And most importantly, to live a life without regrets! Let's Get Started!

Step 2: Watch "The Model Explained" by Brent Gove

In this 35 minute video you will learn:

  • Why 70,000 agents are already with eXp and what they love about it
  • ​The key benefits of the eXp platform and business model
  • What is broken about the traditional model and how eXp fixes it
  • ​How to earn stock and build residual income while selling homes
  • ​How you are just in time to take advantage of future growth

Step 3: Watch Lars Hedenborg's Briefing on This Disruptive Platform

In this 42 minute Executive Briefing, you will learn:

  • What makes eXp truly different than other brokerages
  • ​How eXp is solving solo agent, team leader and broker/owner challenges  
  • ​The reason most agents reject the platform and what they are missing
  • How to get free access to my  proven business growth platform
  • ​How to consistently earn stock and build residual income 

    Step 4: Here's What You Get When You Partner With Us

    In this 15 minute video you will see what's included:

    • Lead Generation levers that you can swipe and deploy
    • Lead Conversion systems that allow you to convert 10x+ on your spend
    • ​Client Care systems that systematically garner referrals
    • ​How to hire Admin or Agents and get them productive ASAP
    • ​Create a 3 year vision and build out a 1 year plan that you will crush 

    That Should Get You Most of the Way There ...
    Now It's Time to Reach Back Out to the Agent That Sent You Here & Ask Them About Next Steps

    Additional Resources if You Are Hungry For More

    (or if you have "eXp Insomnia" like most agents when it finally clicks!)

    AJ Mida Shares His eXp Journey (AJ & Lars)

    How to Build Real Wealth (Gene Frederick)

    Traditional Brokerage vs. eXp Realty

    President Dave Conord Interviews Lars

    John Mikesh (Lars' Sponsor) Tells His Story

    AJ Mida Tells His Real Estate Story

    Still Wonder Why eXp Realty is the Fastest Growing & Most Disruptive Real Estate Brokerage of All Time? 

    eXp Realty is transforming the real estate industry by putting its agents first.

    • Competitive cap and split lets you take home more money. Remember, it's what you keep that counts!​
    • ​A complete suite of Technology Tools including kvCORE, SkySlope, Facebook Workplace, Enterprise & eXp World.​
    • ​Over 80 hours of live weekly training from eXp's top agents on sales, lead generation, lead conversion and social media.
    • ​Agent Healthcare options that allow for better coverage at more affordable rates in most cases​.
    • ​Earn Stock Awards while you sell and help grow eXp. Participate in our Equity Plan and buy eXp stock at a 10% discount.
    • ​​Build Residual Income through our Revenue Share Program, the real estate industry's only viable and proven Exit Strategy!
    Disruption in the real estate industry is happening whether we care to admit it or not. The only question is "Will you take advantage of it or not?" Partner with Real Estate B-School at eXp Realty and we will help you grow and scale your real estate business and income without giving your life away in the process
    Hi there! I'm Lars Hedenborg Founder of Real Estate B-School, Creator of Real Estate Team Builders podcast and best selling author of "Scale or Die!". I know what it's like to feel overworked and overwhelmed, to work long hours each day and have to miss out on the things that matter most - like spending time with family and friends. And because of that, I've created a proven set of tools and systems to help real estate agents and team leaders scale their businesses and create the future they deserve without getting burned out! Whether you want to sell more homes in less time or build residual income through Agent Attraction at eXp, we can help you get there. Let's get to work! 
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