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Scale Your Business

Gain access to all proven tools, systems, strategies and training that allow you to simply and predictably accelerate your business growth.

Time & Money Freedom

Make the shift from the "transaction treadmill" to a more lucrative lifestyle business where you will work less hours and make more money.

Greater Purpose & Impact

Collaborate with top real estate investors and agents to build a business worth owning so you can live a life full of purpose and meaning with no regrets.

Hi, My Name is Chris Craddock, Real Estate Investor & Creator of the REI Revive System!

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, “How can I squeeze more profits out of my existing leads WITHOUT spending more money in marketing?” I would spend thousands of dollars in marketing to find motivated sellers, but between competition, rising costs, and changes in the market, my profits continued to dwindle.

After a ton of trial and error (and a lot of sleepless nights), I’ve finally cracked the code on how to monetize dead leads in your database, at a rate of about 2 to 1…or even MORE…compared to what you are normally closing, all while ZERO BASING your marketing expenses!

So if you’re tired of leaving money on the table and throwing away 90% of your leads, leads that you are paying GOOD money for, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the REI Revive System and apply to partner with Wholesaling Inc. at eXp Realty.
Let Me Show You How to Grow Your Business & Have More Time to Enjoy The Things That Matter in Life

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Disruptive Cloud Based Platform

  • Training & Technology: gain access to the most advanced tech stack in the industry PLUS over 60 hours of weekly training to help you grow 
  • Healthcare: solves a dire need in our industry where the average savings of $10k per year and allows you to have peace of mind.
  • Wealth Building: Earn stock 5 different ways and build residual income through Revenue Share with our Proven Agent Attraction System

Proven Business Growth Model

  • Predictable Growth: unrestricted access to every tool, system and strategy you will ever need to grow and scale your real estate business
  • Time & Money Freedom: build a profitable, systems based business that allows you to live a life of meaning, impact and satisfaction
  • Less Stress & ​More Impact: our proven business growth roadmap will help you step up in the areas of business and life that truly matter

Community & Collaboration

  • Monetize Dead Leads: Eliminate expensive marketing channels such as direct mail, pay per click, text blasting and cold calling
  • Plug & Play System: Instant access to the tools, systems, scripts and personal training for you and your agent partners to close more deals
  • Grow & Scale: Now that you’ve built a machine that produces consistent monthly profits, it's time to add rocket fuel and take it to the moon!
You Owe it to Yourself & Your Family to Carefully Study This Opportunity. It Is Much More Than a Cloud Based Brokerage.

What Exactly is the REI Revive System?

Generate An Extra 5 To 10 Deals PER MONTH Without Spending Another Dime On Marketing!

REI Revive is an advanced online training that shows you how to:

  • Turn your dead leads into an explosive revenue stream WITHOUT increasing marketing costs
  • ​Completely eliminate the need for expensive marketing channels such as direct mail, pay per click, text blasting and cold calling.
  • ​Find an avalanche of properties using a proven formula that transforms even low and no-equity homes into red-hot deals.
  • ​Tap into a totally unique business model that is completely under the radar and one that opens the door to unlimited profit potential.
  • ​Assemble an army of “partner agents” who are hungry to snap up your deals and double, triple and even quadruple your typical assignment fees.
  • ​Discover how to find the perfect partner agents to work with using my proven 3-H Framework™
  • ​Build a cash generating machine with an entirely new revenue stream that produces consistent passive income in your business.
  • ​Plug and Play System – Get the entire system, all of the trainings, the tools, the scripts, and we’ll even personally train your agent partners on how to close deals at a massive level.
  • ​Scale and Grow – Now that you’ve built a machine that produces consistent monthly profits from the dead leads in your database, it’s time to add rocket fuel to the machine and take it to the moon!
Ready to Take Your Business & Life to the Next Level?
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